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For information on our other branch, ALS-SW & MS (Abundantly Living Services-Singles Wholeness & Marriage Savers) go to /swms


Abundantly Living Services

ALS -Singles Wholeness and Marriage Savers Inc.

Works with clergy of predominantly small to medium size faith base institutions, individuals and couples committed to saving singles and couples from making unhealthy choices in relationships that have eternal devasting effects on themselves and those around them.

Singles Wholeness and Marriage Savers Inc. partners with the national Marriages Savers and:

1. Seeks out clergy committed to attacking the marriage disruption disease at the root sources not just the symptoms

2. Equips these clergy with programs and tools to help them carry out their efforts more effectively.

3. Brings together like-minded clergy, couples, individuals, government officials and corporate entities to partner in a united front to diminish this assault on famalies and individuals' relationships.

4. Provides training and equipping of clergy couples and individuals in methods and materials proven to effectively uncover, dismantle, and ultimately stop this deadly assault on singles, couples, families' relationships, and our communities at the roots.

The national Marriage Savers Inc. has already shown that IT CAN BE DONE. (Send for a brochure for more details or call the office: 202-269-3449)

The Vision for Washington D.C: A community-wide, marriage saver policy similar to what has been established in over 100 communities to stamp out this disease.

Singles Wholeness and Marriage Savers Inc. Beefs up and amplifies the attack by focusing even more on the root source beginning with arming the youth, young adult and single adult leaders.

For more information or if you would like to be apart of the D.C. SW & MS project e-mail us at ayeds@lycos.com or call 202-269-3449 or write us at ALS-SW & MS, P.O. Box 29340,Washington D.C. 20017